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I would like to greet you all for visiting the website of the Mongolian Stock Exchange.

It has been 30 years since the establishment of the Mongolian Capital Market and the Mongolian Stock Exchange. In past years, the establishment of fundamental factors in the development of the capital market in Mongolia was set well as the result of restructuring legal status of the capital market and introducing internationally accepted market infrastructure.

In recent years, the stock market has become more active than ever with increased number of IPOs and SPOs and addition of number of new products in the market. In 2017-2020, the trading volume hit the record high accompanied by a record number of IPOs, including the first cross listed company and insurance companies and double-listed securities that can be traded between foreign exchanges and the MSE. We have introduced new products that are connected to the market and have not been traded on our stock exchange before, such as mutual investment funds and asset-backed securities.

As Mongolian economy and financial market integrate with the world market, the interest of the domestic and foreign investors in the Mongolian capital market is significantly improved. Hence, we are in the crucial pace of enhancing legal environment and refining stronger cooperation between market participants. We are looking forward to working with all market participants and investor to make further development of market to the reality.

I wish all the best on behalf of the Mongolian Stock Exchange team to market participants including all professional organizations, securities issuers and investors that are working with us for development and reform of capital market.

May the Mongolian capital market be a gateway to development!




  • 1991.01.18 – Mongolian Stock Exchange was established

    Pursuant to the Resolution No.: 22 of Mongolian Government, dated on 18 January 1991, Mongolian Stock Exchanged was established within the framework of the transition from a centrally planned economy to a market economy.

  • 1992.02.07 – Primary market trading started

    During the privatization period, every citizen of Mongolia started to own vouchers for the purchase of 475 state-owned companies through Mongolian Stock Exchange. As a result of this, 96.1 million vouchers worth MNT8.2 billion were distributed to half of the total population or 1.2 million citizens.

  • 1994.09.26 – Securities Law was adopted

    The Securities Law of Mongolia was adopted in 1994 followed by the establishment of Securities Committee of Mongolia. According to this Law, the status of Mongolian Stock Exchange was changed to non-profit state-owned organization with the goal of carrying out securities trading and other related services.

  • 1995.08.28 – Secondary market trading started

    Secondary trading began on 28 August 1995 and the MSE financed 29 brokerage firms were privatized.

  • 1996.10.25 – Government securities trading started

    In 1996, Government of Mongolia issued government securities to finance the budget deficit. In 2011, the Government securities trading was organized for 14 times and total of 2.4 million Government securities worth MNT236.7 billion were traded through MSE.

  • 1999 - Top 75 index was introduced

    Top-75 index was introduced to the market based on the performance of the first 75 companies which ranked by their market capitalization and average daily trading volume.

  • 2001.06.08 – Corporate bonds trading started

    “Barilga Corporation” LLC issued 210,000 units of “Shine Zuun-210” bonds which became the first corporate bond registered at Mongolian Stock Exchange.

  • 2005.05.25 – First IPO launched

    “Mongol Shiltgeen” LLC went public by issuing 1 million shares offered to public and registered at Mongolian Stock Exchange.

  • 2011.04.07 – “Master Service Agreement” was concluded London Stock Exchange Group

    For the purpose of developing Mongolian capital markets in line with international standards, Mongolian Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchange Group signed the “Master Service Agreement” on 07 April 2011.

  • 2012.07.02 – “Millennium IT” integrated system of trading, settlement, surveillance and depository introduced to Mongolian capital market

    Within the framework of the goal of developing domestic capital market in line with international standards, Millennium IT system which is used by over 30 financial institutions of 20 countries, was introduced to the Mongolian capital market.

  • 2012.08.27 – Mongolian Capital Market was included in the FTSE Watch List

    Mongolian Capital Market included in the FTSE Watch List for the further review of the possible inclusion of Mongolia as a Frontier market.

  • 2013.05.24 - The Revised Securities Market Law was adopted.

    The Revised Securities Market Law paved a way to reform the legal environment of Mongolian capital market in accordance with international best practices. The Investment Funds Law and other relevant market rules and regulations were issued based on this Revised Law.

  • 2015.12.02 – Mongolian Stock Exchange became a self-regulatory organization

    On 13 October 2015, Mongolian Stock Exchange became a self-regulatory organization in accordance with the meeting of Financial Regulatory Commission. Having the status of self-regulatory organization, MSE is able to regulate its member securities companies and listed Joint Stock Companies by an integrated standards and fine companies that fail to meet regulatory requirements.

  • 2016.01.05 – Privatization of state-owned properties went through Mongolian Stock Exchange.

    According to the Resolution of “Privatization of state-owned properties in 2015-2016” of Government of Mongolia, “Mongol Post” JSC's 34 percent stake was offered to public and raised MNT6.2 billion successfully.

  • 2017.06.29 - Mongolia's largest-to-date corporate bond was issued successfully

    ‘Suu bond’ backed by ‘Suu’ JSC shares that was successfully issued on 29 June, 2017. ‘Suu Bond’ with a nominal price of MNT100,000, term-to-maturity of 1 year and annual coupon rate of 17.5, were issued to raise MNT 6.0 billion from the market.

  • 2017.12.31 – The highest market turnover

    In 2017, market turnover reached MNT859.2 billion, the highest in its 26 years of history and 57.2% higher than the previous record fixed in 2015.

  • 2018.01.02 - MSE A and MSE В indices were introduced

    MSE A and MSE B indices were introduced to the market starting from January 2, 2018.

  • 2018.04.04 - MSE listed the first foreign company listed on the TSX.

    In connection with the dual-listing application received from the Toronto Stock Exchange listed company dated on 12 March 2018, MSE listed its up to 4,000,000 shares worth 1.2 million Canadian dollar in the Tier 3 on 4 April, 2018.

  • May-June, 2018 - The first insurance companies were listed.

    The listing of "Mandal Daatgal" JSC and "Ard Daatgal" JSC, top insurance companies of Mongolia, paved the way to increase the participation of the domestic institutional investors.

  • 2018.12.31- Secondary market turnover peaked

    As of end of 2018, secondary market turnover reached MNT 210.0 billion which was the highest in its 27 years of history.

  • February-May of 2019- Mongolian largest NBFIs became public

    Invescore NBFI and Ard Credit NBFI, two of the largest non-banking financial institutions were listed at the MSE which increased the market appetite.

  • 2019.06.28 -‘Closed-End Fund Units Listing Rules’ were approved

    These Rules will introduce the new product to the Mongolian market which allows funds to offer its units to public while investors to diversify its risks.


    In order to improve capital market knowledge of rural citizens, MSE organised ‘Capital Markets Open Day’ events in 12 provinces such as Uvurkhangai, Bayankhongor, Govisumber, Dornogovi and Selenge provinces and 30 soums. During the event, training covering basic capital markets concepts and ways to participate in the market through investing and capital-raising were provided to around 15,000 local citizens from the rural areas

  • 2019.12.31 – The highest primary market turnover

    ‘Tumen Shuvuut’ JSC, ‘Ard Credit NBFI’ JSC, ‘Monos Khuns’ JSC and ‘Invescore NBFI’ JSC raised a total of MNT 42.5 billion on the primary market which was the record high primary market turnover in its 28 years of history.

  • 2020.03.31 – Shipment to DVP with T+2 finality system

    On January 29, 2020, FRC adopted a decision to shift to DvP with T+2 finality system starting from March 31, 2020 by its Resolution No.29. The introduction of DvP with T+2 finality arrangement will help to lower costs associated with trading, improve market liquidity as well as create better market environment to both domestic and international investors. 

  • 2020.08.24 – The first investment fund listing

    The National Privatization Fund which was established by the “Ard Management Securities Firm” LLC was first investment fund listing on Mongolian Stock Exchange. The fund will issue 50 million units with a nominal value of MNT 100 per unit.

  • 2020.11.12 – First asset backed securities listing

    Asset backed securities, issued by “Invescore Active SPC” LLC were listed on Mongolian Stock Exchange. Therefore, this has become the first ABS to be offered publicly in Mongolian capital market and it will provide investors to invest in product that pays a fixed interest rate which is higher than average deposit rate.

  • 2021.01.19 – Capital market historical exhibition hall opens

    During bell ceremony of 30th anniversary of establishment of Mongolian Stock Exchange and the capital market, the capital market historical exhibition hall opened by Mr. Khurelsukh, Prime Minister and Mr. Khurelbaatar, Minister of Finance. The exhibit hall acquires the historical exhibits including the first decree of establishment of Mongolian Stock Exchange, historical documents and equipments, clothing and souvenirs used in the past.

  • 2021.06.30 – The Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Mongolian Stock Exchange collaborated successfully to organize an open webinar to promote the Mongolian stock market.

    The Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE), one of the world's top 5 stock exchanges, has collaborated with the Mongolian Stock Exchange (MSE) and successfully organized the Mongolian Stock Market Day, an open webinar, on the 30th of June, 2021. Over 50 representatives of investment funds and securities firms located in Shanghai participated in the event while the MSE representatives along with the representatives of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) that reside in Ulaanbaatar participated from Mongolia.


    On September 29, 2022, FTSE Russell, one of the leading global providers of benchmarking, analytics, and data solutions for investors, sent an official letter to the Mongolian Stock Exchange notifying that Mongolia meets all of the FTSE quality of Markets criteria for a Frontier market classification and has been approved for reclassification from Unclassifed to Frontier Market status, effective from September 2023. 


    Mongolian Stock Exchange has started the publicization process of state-owned companies and offered 34 percent of its shares to the public.


Chairman of BOD:

  • Tulga.S /Deputy director at Department of Financial Policy, Ministry of Finance/

Dependent members of BOD:

  • Bayanzul.D /Director General, Risk management unit, Bank Of Mongolia/
  • Enkhbaatar.D /Deputy director at Administration Department, Financial Regulatory Commission/
  • Dondogmaa.Ch /Government affairs senior advisor at Cabinet Secretariat of Government of Mongolia/
  • Sanjaadorj.M /Head of the Budget Expenditure Division, Ministry of Finance/
  • Naranchimeg.L /Head of Billing Division, Treasury Department, Ministry of Finance/

Independent members of BOD:

  • Batpurev.A /Director of Strategic Management and Planning, Skytel LLC
  • Gandiimaa.R /Director, Mongolian National Broadcasting/
  • Anar.A /COO of Mongolian Mortgage Corporation/


  • CEO:
    • Altai.KH
  • Department directors:
    • Dul-Erdene.N /Administration and Finance Department/
    • Javkhlan.I /Operation Department/
    • Munkhbayasgalan.A /Regulatory Department/
    • Khash-Erdene.T /Business Development Department/


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