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Index Unit Change
Top 20 Index 17436.66 -22.89
MSE A Index 8166.37 -75.02
MSE B Index 7516.98 21.63



2020-09-29 14:54:04

On September 29, 2020, 500,562 shares of 37 firms total worth MNT 63,065,899.11  were traded. Company bond, each consisting of 109 shares that are worth 11,007,010.00 were conducted.


2020-09-28 14:51:12

On September 28, 2020, 353,818 shares of 34 firms total worth MNT 67,716,052.11  were traded.


2020-09-28 10:54:50

During the week of September 21, 2020, to September 25, 2020 MNT 388,673,281.70 worth of securities were traded through 5 trading sessions on the MSE.

General Requirements

Companies joining MSE must meet the following requirements.

  1. The company has met the minimum amount of share capital and current asset requirements established by the FRC 
  2. Sufficient staff members according to FRC rule
  3. Executive director of the company shall be well educated, least 3 years of working experience in finance, economics and business, executive director and staffs must be licensed by FRC
  4. Must be provided by office space, techniques and office equipment set by the MSE and FRC rule
  5. Adopt a regulation on trading
  6. Develop business plan for stable and  continues of work
  7. The applicant must meet the laws and regulations and adopt a fair performance of its obligations to customers and professional levels
  8. Dealer must have the permission to participate in trading set by the MSE
  9.   Must have official website and telephone or customers
  10. Must settle a collateral asset and appropriate amount in Payment guarantee fund according to the FRC and Securities depository center’s rule and must have a cooperation agreement with Securities settlement center.

In the following cases MSE shall reject the application:

  1. Not submitted the required materials related to the application;
  2. Information and documents submitted by the applicant proved to be false or misleading;
  3. The applicant, his major investor or head company has bankrupt, overdue debts or proved to be violate the laws;
  4. The applicant’s staff members are lack of education, professional training and experience

If MSE rejected an application to join, the applicant has the right of complain  the Board of Directors within 14 days after receipt of the decision.


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