( 752.27 2.34% )
Index Unit Change
Top 20 Index 32932.2 752.27
MSE A Index 11761.08 563.71
MSE B Index 10806.81 29.42



2021-08-05 06:51:23

On August 05, 2021, total of 834,308 securities worth MNT 221,240,316.20 were conducted.


2021-08-04 07:28:58

On August 04, 2021, total of 803,050 securities worth MNT 212,064,041.74 were conducted.


2021-08-03 07:10:22

On August 03, 2021, total of 14,957,048 securities worth MNT 1,411,134,273.72 were conducted.

General Requirements

MSE membership requirements:

  1. Must have a relevant license to conduct regulated activities in the securities market.
  2. Must have a medium-term business plan for sustainable and stable operations.
  3. Equity amount must meet the amount set by the FRC.
  4. An operational risk fund shall be set with not less than three percent of the assets specified in 2.1.3 of the “Membership rules”.
  5. The service fee specified in Annex 4 of the “Membership rules” must be paid
  6. Must be fully acquainted with the laws and regulations of the stock market, guarantee that they will abide by these laws and that they will perform their obligations to the client in a fair and professional manner.
  7. Have an adequate software to quickly process customer's securities registration, trading and settlement information.
  8. To be provided with proper workplaces and equipment specified in Annex 3 of the “Membership rules” and to be fully operational.
  9. Must have professional staffs with obligatory licenses.
  10. Must develop rules and regulations to be followed for internal operations.

MSE may reject applications in following cases:

  1. Contains inconsistent, false, misleading, inaccurate, or inconsistent information; required information has not been fully submitted to the MSE.
  2. The requirements set in the FRC's “Regulations on license, licensing and registration of certain regulated activities in the securities market” are not met.
  3. Formerly delisted company applied for re-membership within 6 months after the delisting.
  4. If accepting the applicant as a member would be contradictory to the activities of its authorized officials, influential shareholders and parent company and would create a conflict of interest.
  5. The applicant has not submitted the required documents for more than 6 months since the first submission date.
  6. A company that was previously denied to become a member on the grounds that it has submitted false documents has applied for re-membership within one year. The Executive Director of the MSE shall notify the applicant about the decision in writing.

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